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December Fishing Report from The Arizona Fishing Guides submitted (12/30/2014 6:21 am)
Are you ready to Kick off 2015 with the Ultimate Fishing Experience and the Arizona Fishing Guides? Although the Arizona weather is cooling off, the fishing is heating up. Get your trip booked today and start off the new year with some great memories.

Saguaro Lake: Fishing is picking up and getting better every day. Fish are being caught in the shallow water with jerkbaits (do not forget to pause your retrieve) but if you want numbers of quality fish jigging spoons in 30 to 50 feet of water is the ticket. Use your electronics to locate the bait, start jigging a spoon and hang on as you could get a big fish like we had yesterday. Another option at Saguaro is a big swimbait. Although the big swimbait bite is not consistent you could find some quality fish.

Canyon Lake: Good fish are being caught in the 30 to 50 foot of water range. Locate the long points that lead into the channel and drop your favorite spoon. Another good bait to use this time of year is a dropshot in the 30 foot range. If you want to take a shot at a trophy Canyon is known to produce them this time of year on the big swimbaits. The key with these is you need to commit to throwing them all day. You may not catch one every time but if the timing is right, hang on as you could catch the fish of a lifetime.

Bartlett Lake: This lake is producing some great Bartlett fish in anywhere from 1 to 25 feet of water. Dropshot is always a go to bait on this lake but another couple of baits that are producing some great fish are crankbaits and jigs. Tie on your favorite color and have a blast catching the Bartlett bass.

Lake Pleasant: This lake is a blast if you want to catch stripers or white bass. Get to the back of any cove on the north end of the lake and throw swimbaits. Be sure to keep your favorite top water bait tied on in case you happen to see the shad boils. If you see a boil throw the top water just past it and work the bait back to the boat. This is the place to go if you want to introduce someone to fishing.

Apache Lake: Not a lot of news on this lake right now however some good baits to throw this time of the year are, jerkbaits with long pauses, crankbaits and dropshot. Don't be afraid to throw a big swimbait up here and catch some of those aggressive smallmouth.

Roosevelt Lake: This lake is still on the comeback but some good fish are ready to be caught. Look for the bait fish on your graph in 25 feet plus of water and either drop a spoon or dropshot. A good chance you will catch some yellow bass but where you find those guys you will also find some good largemouth. Other baits to throw at Roosevelt this time of year are crankabits and jigs.

This a good time of year to hit the water and avoid a lot of the lake traffic. Check out our trips page and get your trip booked today.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Fishing Report and Contest Announcement from The Arizona Fishing Guides: submitted (11/11/2014 10:57 pm)
Fishing Report and Contest Announcement from The Arizona Fishing Guides:

Saguaro Lake: is just starting with the full fall patterns, you can catch fish shallow or deep. The big schools of bait fish are moving into the deeper water and so are some of the big largemouth. A good bait for those deep fish right now is silver and gold spoons. You can slow it down and catch those fish on Drop shot.

Canyon Lake: This lake is starting to ramp and will be getting better as the days get colder. Look for deep schools of shad and drop a spoon or a slow moving swim bait. Shallow crankbaits are are always good this time of year. I hear some of the big fish are starting to go after the big swimbaits. You may not catch a lot but the chance for that trophy bass is a good possibility.

Apache Lake: Wow, we are so close to this lake blowing up. It is right on the bubble of going off. The jerkbait bite is doing well and when you are ready to slow down, toss out your dropshot and be ready for a few quality Apache Bass.

Roosevelt: This lake still has a few fish eating top water when the sun gets up nice and high. The secondary pattern seems to be spooning in about 25-40 feet with gold or silver spoons depending on the clarity of the water.

Bartlett Lake: This lake is still one of the best lakes we have right now when it comes to numbers of fish. The lipless crankbaits were working best the last trip we had there but it didn't keep us from throwing a buzz bait around in the afternoon. We hooked up with some of our biggest bass of the day when we started that afternoon buzzbait..

Lake Pleasant: Stripers, stripers and more stripers. This lake is really starting to get good when it comes to stripers. Use your graphs to find the giant schools of baitfish and stipers. Throw small swimbaits and drop spoons though the giant schools of baitfish and hang on. The morning seems to be the deal when it comes to the largemouth bass. Try throwing poppers and skinny dippers to catch those morning largemouth.

Contest Announcement: Who wants to take a shot at winning the best flashlight on the market and some great products from Fan Grabber? Thatís right, we are running a contest between 11/12 and 11/16 and we will be giving out a Rigid Industries Halo, charger, hat and shirts from Fan Grabber and yours truly, The Arizona Fishing Guides. OK, if that wasnít enough to get your attention we are also running a Pre-Holiday special on Half and full day trips. Go to to get the details.

Fall Fishing Continues submitted (10/21/2014 11:04 pm)
The weather and water temperatures are dropping and the fishing is heating up! Lots of big fish are being caught right now. Be sure to get your trips booked and get out on the water with the Arizona Fishing Guides. Gift Certificates are available!

Saguaro Lake: Wow, this lake is doing great right now. The big fish are definitely in feeding mode. Early in the morning throw your favorite top water baits around points and in the shallow water where you have access to deep water close by. As the sun comes up keep you eye on the graphs and when you see the bait fish start throwing spoons into the bait fish. As mentioned in the last report, the swimbait bite is working and it continues. The key is to throw the small swimbaits in the areas where you see the bait fish. This will entice the suspended fish to bite. If you prefer to flip creature type baits, have at it. Target the cliff walls and be ready to set the hook.

Apache Lake: Good numbers and quality fish continue to be caught. Throw a buzzbait early targeting the points and areas with deep water close by. Remember, bass love to chase bait fish up into the shallows. Another good bite, is a jerkbait, both soft and hard jerkbaits are getting it done. Since the fish are in feeding mode - donít forget the swimbaits.

Roosevelt: This lake is continuing to bounce back. Plenty of fish are being caught on topwater early and periodically throughout the day. Similar to Apache, the jerkbait bite is producing. Target the shallow water in the morning then move out a little deeper as the sun continues to come up.

Bartlett: If you want to get out and catch a lot of fish, this is the lake. Perfect place to take the kids to keep them interested. Tie on your favorite topwater and spinnerbait early and hang on. Lots of quality Bartlett bass are being caught. This is another lake that is producing on the jerkbaits. Target the coves and points.

Pleasant: Want to catch stripers? The shad boils are in full swing. Keep your favorite top water bait handy and throw it around the shad boils. Largemouth and Stripers are chasing the shad. If you are fishing around trees and timber, throw a buzzbait. Donít be afraid to bump it off the trees. As the day warms up boils will start to slow down and when they do, start throwing a spoon. Look for the balls of bait fish and drop the spoon into them.

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