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May Fishing Report

Lake Pleasant:

This lake is going good right now as the stripers are moving up shallow along with the balls of shad. You can catch them on reaction baits, topwater, swimbaits and jerkbaits. The Largemouth are still spawning in some areas and you can catch them by doing some sight fishing. You can also find the Largemouth up around the trees. Try throwing senkos or dropshot to get these fish to bite.

Bartlett Lake:

Another hotspot with plenty of numbers to be caught. We have had 30 and 40 fish days. These days are a lot of fun for kids and Anglers alike. Several techniques are putting them in the boat. The most productive patterns have been on topwater, dropshot and Texas rigs up in shallow water in and around the flooded tumble weeds

Saguaro and Canyon:

These lakes are back to their normal self's and they're producing some very big bags. We are close to night fishing being ready to explode. There is a big Shad spawn going on on both lakes and you can catch them on reaction baits in the mornings then around 8 or so follow the balls of shad around the lake throwing swimbaits, jerkbaits and and your favorite topwater baits. These have been the most productive baits at both of these lakes.

Roosevelt and Apache Lakes:

The spawn is on the tail end and the fish are in the trees guarding fry and starting to feed up for the summer time patterns. Senkos and spinnerbaits are key. Stay shallow and inside of the trees as there is no reason to fishing deep water just yet.
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